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          1. 鲁大师wifi连不上怎么办?

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            What can I do if Master Lu can't connect to wifi? When using Master Lu to open wifi, sometimes there will be a situation where wifi connection is not available. What is going on? Why is there a situation where the connection cannot be made? Xiaobian brings Master Lu can't connect to the solution, and the little friends who want to know will come together to check it out.

            Method 1, if the local connection can access the internet, click "Properties" - "Share", and then allow other network users to connect through the computer's internet connection, then find your virtual network card in the drop-down list (usually wireless network connection) 2), final determination.

            In the second step of the system environment variable (computer property - advanced system settings - environment variables - system variables), add a "c: windowssystem32" entry to call netsh.exe. Note that if the path value already has a different value in front of it, you need to add a ";" (semicolon) in English before "c: windowssystem32".

            More软件教程, please pay attention to the system holy land.