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          Recently, some small partners found that when they used Master Lu, they always indicated that they could not start the hardware detection service, and they did not have any effect on reinstalling and restarting Master Lu, but it would be normal if the old version was installed. How to solve this problem? Master Lu prompts "Cannot start the hardware detection service" What should I do? Let Xiaobian come to answer you for it.


          We can solve it through the settings of 360 security guards

          1. Open the 360 Security Guard and find the “Task Manager” in the function in the lower right corner

          2. After downloading, the task manager will be automatically opened. Find the core service of Master Lu in the running program and click Close.

          3. Restart Master Lu should be fine!

          The above is the approach that can be taken when Master Lu reminds me that "the hardware detection service cannot be started". I hope that it will be helpful to everyone in the process of using Master Lu.

          More软件教程, please pay attention to the system holy land.