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        1. Indesign设置复合字体的方法介绍

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          • 来源:电脑手机软件

          When using Indesign, sometimes we want to set the text as a composite font, but most of the small partners are not very clear about the specific operation steps, so today Xiaobian will bring you Indesign to set the composite font method. Come and learn together!


          1. Open indesign-text-composite font;

          2. New - Name - OK. Then you can start setting up the font. I use the default copy here as the name.

          3. Click on the corresponding object in the upper box to set the font and font scaling and baseline in the two small boxes. The lower frame is the preview effect;

          4. Set it up after storage - OK. The composite font is set up.

          5. After setting, select the text to be applied to change the font, and select the previously set font in the font box.

          Today's content is introduced to everyone here, want to know more exciting软件教程Please continue to pay attention to the system holy place daily update! Xiaobian waiting for you!