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            iQiyi recently launched a new version of the mobile client, and updated a lot of features, among which, the launch of the "search for pictures" feature is a major update, then how to use iQiyi to search for drama? Where is the search for pictures? Let’s introduce Xiaobian to everyone.


            The new version of the iQiyi App uses technology to promote the App-side user experience as a tonality, and achieves deeper binding with massive video content.

            Users can directly search for the video they want to watch through the stills. This directly solves the problem that users are not familiar with the title and search for video creation materials. It is the first robot search engine in the world and the first support image in the industry. Search for video platforms for new features in TV dramas.

            In the new version of iQiyi, iQiyi users can shoot or upload movies, TV series, variety shows or anime photos or screen shots on their mobile phones, and provide corresponding photos in the iQiyi search bar for direct viewing.


            Aiqiyi's "Searching for Pictures" is based on deep learning CNN image feature extraction and image classification label technology. It can quickly return search results within 0.5 seconds on the billion-level video image index library.

            Through the leading AI technology foundation, iQiyi deeply researches and analyzes user behavior requirements, solves the algorithm and architectural difficulties of video big data, and introduces the new function of “searching for pictures” in the industry. Or the traditional mode of the main name to search for video, greatly enriching the interactive experience, making video search more convenient.

            Thanks to the experience and innovation of iQiyi technology, the key data of the new version of the iQiyi App in the installation start-up time, half-screen start time, seek start-up time, bottom switching time and video search time are all located in the industry. First, it continues to be at the leading level in the industry.

            xx 与此同时  ,经过修订的Iqiyi App在线播放功耗降至7.4 mAh ,CPU比率将为11.5%  ,均为业界第一  ,显着领先于其他视频平台App  。

            在泛娱乐时代 ,爱奇艺继续通过视频前沿领域的技术布局为用户提供最佳的音频和视频娱乐体验 ,如AI和VR 。为了不断提高视频行业的生产效率  ,实现智能化操作  ,爱奇艺还推出了视频剥离功能 ,集成了镜头切换  ,静音点 ,广播和标题等多种功能  ,可以准确分割整个信息视频  。此功能还可以配置为扩展对更多通道条的支持  ,自动生成短视频  ,并将手动条转换为手动审核  ,从而显着提高生产率  。

            同时 ,iQiyi的黑白名单  ,色情评论  ,QR二维码  ,OCR  ,文本反垃圾邮件等将审核视频内容的上传  ,大大提高了评论的效率 。

            不仅如此 ,爱奇艺通过技术创新不断突破娱乐界 ,实现用户体验的革命性创新  ,实现用户直播的多层渲染  ,动态挂件和智能算法处理的GPU架构  ,并提出基于个人肤色状态  。美白  ,美白肌肤  ,不损伤背景和发质的质地  。

            此外  ,随着近年来VR产业的爆发  ,爱奇艺发布了第一款VR设备 ,也是全球首款具有4K屏幕的VR17设备iqiyi VR一体化“体验” ,并内置人工智能女友“双子女”通过语音互动实现用户沟通  ,迈出移动VR情感陪伴的第一步  。

            更多软件教程 ,请关注系统圣地 。